The most effective targeted stubborn fat and cellulite treatment available!
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• Lose a dress size within only 4 weeks
• Fast, targeted body shaping
• Burns 5x more stubborn fat than exercise
• Best cellulite treatment available

• Eliminates water retention and toxins
• Increases metabolism
• Rejuvenates and tightens skin
• Used by many celebrities



Welcome to VacuTone.  We provide treatments that are the most effective on the market for fast, targeted stubborn fat & cellulite elimination.  The treatments are scientifically proven to burn 5 times more stubborn fat than exercise.  We use revolutionary vacuum therapy machines such as the HYPOXI S120 to provide outstanding and consistent results on any body shape.  Many other methods are either inefficient, only work temporarily, are intrusive, are not natural or are expensive. Our treatments shape your body and tighten skin by increasing circulation to stubborn fatty areas and burning it off for good!

It is affordable and cheaper than a personal trainer plus a lot easier as all that is required is a very gentle exercise whilst the machine burns off  your stubborn fat for you using its unique vacuum technology. It is completely natural and pain free and targets multiple stubborn areas at the same time including waist, stomach, love handles, back fat, legs and buttocks.  It is also the best cellulite treatment on the market.  It is frequently awarded 10/10 for results compared to all other more expensive treatments!  No other method on the market achieves the fast, successful, natural and permanent results within the same time frame!

The results are amazing, averaging a loss of 1-2 dress/trouser sizes within only 4 weeks, with minimal effort!  It is suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. It is used by Cheryl, Victoria Beckham, Simon Cowell, Mel B and Robbie Williams.

So  whether you want to quickly shape up, eliminate cellulite, tighten your skin and stretchmarks after a baby, kick start your metabolism  and feel more energetic or whatever else .

Get the body  you have never had by doing something you have never tried before - unique vacuum therapy systems for fast, targeted body shaping! 

Simply call us today to book a FREE trial session - 07872 580 486


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Marie Clare Magazine... "I've lost inches, to the extent that I question Lucy's measuring skills"

Cheryl Cole... "It really works, it gets rid of the pouchy bits on the insides of my thighs"

Caprice (Hello Magazine).... "Hypoxi actually works. You get the most unbelievable results right away"

Grazia Magazine.... "Hypoxi is the secret to dropping a dress size fast"

Today Tonight ..... "Tania has lost a dress size" (In 12 Hypoxi sessions)

Anna Friel..... "I saw results after only five 40 minute light workouts"

Robbie Williams..... "Swears" by it.

The Mirror Magazine... Compared to 4 other cellulite systems, Hypoxi is rated 1st with a score of 10/10. "Andrea lost half a stone. Her bottom is tighter and skin is smoother"

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