The most effective targeted stubborn fat and cellulite treatment available!
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• Lose a dress size within only 4 weeks
• Fast, targeted body shaping
• Burns 5x more stubborn fat than exercise
• Best cellulite treatment available

• Eliminates water retention and toxins
• Increases metabolism
• Rejuvenates and tightens skin
• Used by many celebrities



What areas can be targeted?

We offer the only treatments on the market that can naturally target multiple stubborn fat areas at the same time. You can target waist, stomach, hips, legs, buttocks, love handles, back fat & cellulite all at once!  Your treatments will be individually designed to meet your goals by a professional therapist.

What times are available to complete treatments? 

Sessions must be pre-booked. We are open 6 days a week Mon-Sat and are open 3 evenings per week until 8pm. For up to date details please contact us.

How often do I come for training? 

For best results you should aim to attend 2 or 3 times a week for a month

How long does a session last?

Usually 30 minutes per session - easy to fit into your daily schedule!

What results can I achieve? 

The majority of people see a reduction in fat and inches equivalent to 1-2 dress/trouser sizes per month.  At the same time you should notice skin is rejuvenated and cellulite eliminated. 

Will the results last?

At the end of a course stubborn fat will have been burnt off for good and so results will last.  The only thing you should do to help maintain this is follow a healthy diet and exercise routine. More sessions can also be undertaken for further body reshaping or to help with maintenance.

Are there any side effects? 

No detrimental side effects at all.  Many people feel revitalised after their treatment and have reported they have less bloating, less water retention and aches and pains have disappeared or been reduced.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely!  It is safe, natural and pain free.  The combination of vacuum therapy and exercise targets fat while strengthening the connective tissue. The results are a newly improved body shape and skin tone.

What should I wear?

For HYPOXI-Professional Trainers, HYPOXI S120 and HYPOXI L250 machines you should wear  a t-shirt and trainers (or flat shoes), long, thin, loose fitting trousers, such as pyjama bottoms or linen trousers (NOT leggings or anything tight on the legs).
For HYPOXI Vacunaut sessions you should wear a special undersuit or a tight fitting long sleeved t-shirt, shorts (ideally unpadded cycling shorts) and a pair of trainers.  No jewellery should be worn and women should NOT wear an underwired bra.
For HYPOXI Dermology sessions you should wear long, thin, loose trousers, such as jogging pants or pyjama bottoms, a long sleeved t-shirt and socks.  You should NOT wear an underwired bra or jewellery. 

Are there any people who cannot undertake the treatment?

People suffering from the following conditions should consult their doctor: severe damage to the circulatory system, acute vascular disorders, pathological cardiovascular diseases, bone and muscle atrophy.
You must not be pregnant or suffering from any major illness, infection or inflammation, not have heart insufficiency or thrombosis.  If unsure just please ask us.

Are there any nutritional guidelines? 

There is no strict diet to follow, just healthy eating will help you achieve your desired body.  You should consume a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet and drink plenty of still water.  Make sure you eat a small amount of carbohydrates 1-4 hours before a treatment and consume protein based meals afterwards.  We provide advice and guidance throughout your course.