The most effective targeted stubborn fat and cellulite treatment available!
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• Lose a dress size within only 4 weeks
• Fast, targeted body shaping
• Burns 5x more stubborn fat than exercise
• Best cellulite treatment available

• Eliminates water retention and toxins
• Increases metabolism
• Rejuvenates and tightens skin
• Used by many celebrities

Our state of the art equipment is totally unique and not like anything else on the market.  They enable anyone to target areas of their body that are normally resistant to both diet and exercise.  Our treatments eliminate  fat & cellulite and tighten the skin for a complete body contouring solution.

We provide a professional service that is individualised according to your needs.  Our private, friendly studio has the full complete range of new technology vacuum therapy machines.  This includes HYPOXI-Professional Trainers, HYPOXI S120, HYPOXI L250, HYPOXI Vacunaut and HYPOXI dermology.  These unqiue machines are suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels and are able to target multiple stubborn fat areas as the same time.  In addition treatments will also:

• increase metabolism 
• boost circulation 
• eliminate water retention 
• improve lymphatic drainage (which increases immunity levels and enables the body to eliminate afflicting substances and toxins) 
• rejuvenate & tighten skin to prevent saggy skin (as is common with other fat loss methods).

The machines only require very gentle exercise and are perfect for anybody who has not exercised for some time or is not a fan of exercise. Regular exercisers enjoy the fact that they achieve fantastic results with such little effort!

HYPOXI-Professional Trainers,

Whilst gently cycling (and it is very gentle) the unique vacuum & compression therapy stimulates blood supply to the stubborn fatty areas of the body, resulting in targeted fat loss from the desired areas. 

HYPOXI-Professional Trainer

HYPOXI Vacunaut 

The machine contains a complex network of 122 integrated pressure chambers which work directly on the problem areas.

Whilst undertaking low intensity training (no more than a brisk walk), the low and high pressurized chambers stimulate blood supply to the stubborn areas, resulting in targeted fat loss from precisely these areas. 

HYPOXI Vacunaut

HYPOXI Dermology 

This machine retrains the elastic fibres of the skin and boosts collagen resulting in smooth, toned and rejuvenated skin. It consists of 400 vacuum chambers enabling deep massage over a large surface area of the skin. The unique alternation of high and low pressure gently exercises the skin, stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage.  It encourages the supply of oxygen and nutrient enriched blood to the tissue. This helps prevent having saggy skin (common with other weight loss methods) and leads to an increase in cell activity and regeneration, resulting in rejuvenated, smoother and toned skin - all whilst lying down and relaxing!  

In the past you may have exercised your body and muscles but never before have you been able to actually exercise the skin. Now you can and it is never too early or too late to start exercising your skin to help maintain its elasticity!