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• Lose a dress size within only 4 weeks
• Fast, targeted body shaping
• Burns 5x more stubborn fat than exercise
• Best cellulite treatment available

• Eliminates water retention and toxins
• Increases metabolism
• Rejuvenates and tightens skin
• Used by many celebrities



All pictures shown below are some of our customers' actual results


Amy was only a size 6-8 but was struggling to get into her skinny size 6 jeans. After a month of treatments on the HYPOXI- Professional Trainer she has lost inches from her waist, stomach, buttocks and legs and can now fit comfortably into her skinny jeans.



Tina is 36 years old and desperately wanted to shift fat from all over her body which she achieved after completing a course on the HYPOXI-Professional Trainer over 4 weeks. She loves the fact that not only has she lost a lot of fat from her stomach but she also lost her “back fat” as can be seen from the crease that has disappeared from her back. She is now able to fit into all her summer dresses she has not been able to wear for a long time. She now feels more confident as although it has only been 4 weeks many friends and family have commented on how much fat she has lost in such a short period of time


Hypoxi weight loss


Lorna is 24 years old and in the past she struggled to lose her cellulite and shape her thighs. It had depressed her for a long time and affected the clothes she wore. After completing treatments on the HYPOXI S120 and HYPOXI-Professional Trainer over 1 month she saw a great reduction in her cellulite and her legs became a lot thinner, she also lost fat from her stomach as well. Lorna now has the confidence to wear much shorter skirts, something she has not done for many years!




Hypoxi result 1


Judy is 35 years old. She was morbidly obese and really wanted something to give her a kick start to lose fat quickly. After completing a course for 1 month on the HYPOXI S120, HYPOXI L250 and HYPOXI-Professional Trainer she saw great results and lost well over a dress size. She decided to carry on with treatments for just over 6 months. She lost an incredible 6 dress sizes and feels a whole new woman. She loves the way it has helped her shape up so quickly and is much healthier and confident.



Alison is 40 years old and despite regularly exercising on her stepper machine she was not losing any fat from her lower body. After completing a course within 3 weeks on the on the HYPOXI S120, HYPOXI L250 and HYPOXI-Professional Trainer she transformed her body. She lost fat from all over - even her lower calves as her boots are much easier to put on and slide up her legs! She is also really pleased at how dramatically her cellulite has reduced.


Michelle is 52 years old. She had tried every type of cellulite cream and treatment in the past – even pills she imported from Australia! But nothing worked. She hated going on holiday and having her legs on show and even used to dive into bed so her husband did not see them. She also suffered from water retention and every morning her ankles would swell and she had pain in her legs from standing on her feet all day. After completing a course in 4 weeks on the on the HYPOXI S120, HYPOXI L250, HYPOXI-Professional Trainer and HYPOXI Dermology her legs have been completely rejuvenated, her skin is smooth, her cellulite has disappeared and she also loves the way her legs and bottom toned up. The machines provide such a deep circulation and eliminate trapped toxins as a result she now does not wake up with any water retention and does not suffer from pain in her legs from standing all day. She now shows off her legs to her husband and rewarded herself by booking a holiday to Caribbean to show off her newly shaped body!


Hypoxi Manchester Cellulite


Shirley is 46 years old. She regularly visits the gym and also runs 10 miles per week. She had been unhappy with her legs for a long time because despite her dedicated exercising she could not shift fat from her legs. She had lots of old trousers she simply could not fit into. Shirley is very fit and therefore used to working out at a very high intensity, so she found it strange working out at the light intensity required for the treatment. She kept with the programme and in the end enjoyed the fact she did not have to work really hard and could read magazines whilst completing the treatments. After 12 treatments on the HYPOXI S120 and HYPOXI-Professional Trainer she totally reshaped her legs, with the added bonus that it reduced her cellulite and gave her a toned bottom! Her trousers have now gone too big for her!


Hypoxi legs slimming weight loss


Mandy is 55 years old. She had noticed for some time her fat around her middle was increasing and she could not shift it. She is going through the menopause and suffers from night sweats and feeling hot. After 4 weeks of treatments on the on the HYPOXI S120, HYPOXI L250, HYPOXI-Professional Trainer she was amazed by her results and the fact that even though she was desperate to shift fat from her stomach, she still even lost it from her legs and gained a toned bottom.


Hypoxi stomach reduction


Jackie is 65 years old. She is type 2 diabetic, has mild asthma and poor circulation. She had been watching her diet and regularly exercising in the gym and doing Aqua aerobics. However, due to her conditions and the medication she is on she had not lost any fat and was completely disheartened. After completing treatments on the on the HYPOXI S120, HYPOXI L250, HYPOXI-Professional Trainer within a month she noticed fantastic results and has tremendously changed her body. Jackie is really pleased she can dig out all her old clothes and now fit in them, some of them still have the labels on because she has never been able to fit in them before!


hypoxi results stomach


Mark is 33 years old and is an avid gym goer but even after many years of exercising he could not shift his belly fat and love handles. After completing a course on the HYPOXI Vacunaut he is ecstatic with the results as all his stubborn fat he was carrying is now completely gone. All his relentless exercising in the gym had never achieved results like vacuum therapy did in only 4 weeks!



John is 63 years old and after completing a 4 week course of treatments on the HYPOXI Vacunaut he achieved great results from his waist, stomach and hip areas.


HYPOXI Vacunaut results